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The art of baking and culinary education in Malaysia

mib/ January 9, 2017/ Baking, Culinary

History of Malaysian baking and Culinary Give a man a loaf of bread, and he will eat for a day: teach a man the knowledge of baking and his prospect will be brighten considerably. That at least was the concept for school leavers who were less academically excelled, say, 20 years ago. The pursuit of culinary education were almost unheard

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Dough-ing it right: Bake with Kuali

mib/ December 1, 2016/ Baking, Kuali

Bake with Kuali Bake with Kuali got off to a good start with 48 excited participants taking part in a half day baking workshop at the Malaysian Institute of Baking (MIB) in Petaling Jaya recently. This baking workshop series, now in its fifth year, is a collaboration between Kuali. The Star’s food website and MIB. This year, all the classes

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