School of Business

Certificate in Business Management


Course Description

This programme is aimed at helping individuals who want to equip themselves with comprehensive business knowledge to deal effectively with the rapidly changing environment and organisational operations. It also helps to prepare participants in assuming higher levels of responsibility.

Semester 1

Basic Mathematics

Introduction to Marketing

Basic English

Introduction to Management

Ethics at Workplace

Business Computer Application

Semester 2

Introduction to Accounting

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Business Communication Skills

Basic Human Resources Skills

Introduction to Statistics

Fundamentals of Academic Writing

Semester 3

Elementary English

Moral Studies or Islamic Studies

Pengajian Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi

Semester 4

Basic Financial Managemnent

Introductino to Economics

Consumer Behaviour

International Business

Basic operation Management

Public Speaking and Presentation

Learning Outcomes

Career Opportunities

Students will receive a well-rounded business education that will provide them with the skill they need to earn entry-level roles in virtually any industry. Students may expect employment in a variety of careers including assistant retail managers, administrative assistants, accounting assistants, entry-level office executives or clerical positions.

Because this program provides an overview of the entire business cycle, it is also very valuable to entrepreneurs and those who are already self-employed. Individuals who are interested in professional development and who are already working in a business environment may also benefit from this program as they gain skills that allow them to participate in additional aspects of the business cycle.

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