Certificate in English

Certificate in English (MQA/PA8933)


The very first step to teach students about the four skills in English language that is reading, writing, speaking and listening enable students to acquire the most Basic English grammar. Students will be tend to be more familiar with the English alphabets and its pronunciation and could be more knowledgeable in the language.

Moreover, students will acquire the basic and preliminary vocabulary for their daily conversation and will be able to construct the basic sentence structure and the information of short simple paragraphs. We teach students to equip them with language tools for daily communication usage. Learning academic writing helps to improve their academic writing skills and develop their written and linguistic proficiency.


• Reading 1

• Reading 2

• Grammar 1

• Grammar 2

• Writing

• Listening & Speaking 1

• Listening & Speaking 2

• Varieties of English

• Professional Ethics

• Critical Thinking

• Speech & Communication

• Integrated Language Skills

• Introduction to Literature

• Business Communication

• Introduction to Academic Writing

• Introduction to Linguistics

• History of the English Language

• Malaysia 1/Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi

• Leadership

• Moral Studies / Islamic Studies

SPM – Pass with minimum 1 credit including a pass in English
O Level – Pass with minimum 1 credit including a pass in English
UEC – Pass with minimum 1 credit including a pass in English
SKM – Level 2 and a pass in SPM including English
Other – A qualification that Ministry accepts as equivalent to the above


Certificate of English( MQA/PA8933)

18 months (4 semester)

Progression into Diploma Level studies in related field.

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