与糖霜世界冠军~唐佳丽老师有约! Learn from World Champion Chef Tang!


So who is this Chef Tang? With the large number of sugar crafting and fondant workshops out there, why do we recommend Chef Tang’s?

唐佳丽,她是中国知名翻糖师,擅长:皇室糖霜、英式糖花、翻糖人偶。 Tang Jia Li’s name is well-known and spread within China. Her expertise includes: Royal icing sugar crafting, English roses, and fondant figure modeling.

Experience: Involved in baking and sugar craft industry for 7 years. Developed personal decorating style and sugar crafting techniques through continued research. Possesses 5 years of teaching experience.


We cannot tell you how to make your own decisions, but what we will do is present this fantastic opportunity to you – to personally learn from one of the best sugar crafting chefs in the world!

· 2017年英国国际蛋糕比赛(CAKE INTERNATIONAL)皇室糖霜组金奖
· 2016年香港国际婚礼蛋糕比赛金奖
· 2015亚洲蛋糕展日本 ( JAPAN CAKE SHOW )铜奖
– 2017 England Cake International Royal Icing Gold Medal
– 2016 Hong Kong International Wedding Cake Competition Gold Medal
– 2015 Japan Cake Show Tokyo Bronze Medal

This masterclass specially targets beginners, enabling you to learn from scratch, 9 days in total. Areas covered include sugar crafting, fondant, English rose wedding cakes etc.

课程内容:Masterclass structure:

1) 翻糖膏的调制(自己动手制作翻糖膏,可以降低制作成本,调节软硬度。配方独家)
2) 糖霜的调制,独创的糖霜配方,更简单,更实用,更适合各种拉线,掉线等;让零基础学员也能轻松学会,零失败哦。
3) 配方包面

Day 1:
1) The making of fondant, Chef’s personal recipe (learn to create fondant by yourself from scratch, effectively lowering the cost of production and having the ability to control the softness.

2) The making of royal icing, Chef’s personal recipe, easy, practical and suitable for all kinds of sugar pulling; suitable for beginners, 100% success rate.

3) Cake icing and covering.


Day 2 to 4:
Constructing royal icing cake – learning a specialized royal icing making method, allowing the icing to be sturdy, which lasts longer, enabling an easier moving process. Learn the techniques of various cake decorations, toppers and sugar pulling, like a 3D, hollow webbed heart shape (as pictured), wings, 3D figures and of course the basic, essential methods. (Royal icing cakes are considered the most unique and beautiful category within the sugar crafted cakes.)


Day 5 to 9:
Individually complete a three-tier wedding cake (with dahlia, rose, peony, Austin rose, 3 different leaves, five-petal flower (moldable into peach and cherry blossoms), silverleaf, Eucalyptus, various berries.)

询问详情可联络 :For more information, contact:

+6016 338 7373 (Jess Lee 依频)
+6010 778 5868 (Jeya 洁雅)