Covid-19 FAQs

(Updated 11th June 2020)


Will MIB College be closed?
Yes, we are closed from the 18th March to 9th June, in accordance with the Movement Control Order.*

What is a number I can call if I have any questions or concerns?
Should you have any concerns, our staff are available at 017 702 8471.

What if the Movement Control Order extends beyond 28th April?
We will be monitoring news from the government and education authorities, and will communicate any updates as soon as possible.

*UPDATE: As we enter the Conditional Movement Order (CMCO) from the 14th October to 27th October, classes are put on hold. For any queries regarding our classes or any other matters, please contact us at the number above, or 03 7956 9011


Will the intake date for Full Time Diploma Programs be affected?
Our intake date will now be 6th July and 7th September 2020. In the event of any changes due to the ongoing situation, you will be updated.

When are the Free Trial Classes?
They will be rescheduled to the end of July and end of August (dates TBC); In the event of any changes due to the ongoing situation, you will be updated. Our free trial classes will be limited to 10 people, to minimize crowds and thus health risks.

When is your Open Day?
In order to minimize crowds and health risks, our Open Day will be converted to Visitations, from 10th – 30th June. Make an appointment for a consultation at 010 516 9598 or 017 702 8471.

Is the Don Yong Scholarship still available?
Yes, you can register here:


Baking Certificate Weeknight

Baking Certificate Weeknight course will commence in November 2020. 

Baking Certificate Weekend
Baking Certificate Weekend intake will commence in December. 

Advanced Baking Certificate
Advanced Baking Certificate intake date will be announced. 

Culinary Arts Certificate
Culinary Arts Certificate intake will commence in November.

Cake Decoration Certificate
Cake Decoration Certificate intake will commence in December.

Plant-Based Cuisine Certificate
Plant-Based Cuisine Certificate intake will commence in November. 


What are some precautions taken to ensure safety?
We will be doing a full clean and sanitisation throughout our premise and kitchens before commencing classes. Hand sanitisers will be available around the premises.

Temperature screening will be carried out before entry. Students and visitors with body temperatures exceeding 37.5 °C will be denied entry and advised to seek immediate medical attention.

Some extra precautions and information given to our staff and students.

The World Health Organisation maintains that it is important to stay home if you are feeling unwell. If you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, seek medical care early and share your previous travel history with your healthcare provider.

The World Health Organisation also recommends the following standard hygiene measures to prevent infection and further spread of the COVID-19:

  1. Covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing with a medical mask, tissue or flexed elbow.
  2. Avoiding close contact with those who are unwell.
  3. The appropriate use of masks and personal protective equipment, especially in healthcare settings.
  4. Washing hands regularly with soap and water.

Your health and safety is our main priority.

May you keep safe and stay healthy.