Diamond Chef Course

Diamond Chef Course

Are you passionate about cooking? Do you dream of running your own restaurant, become a celebrity chef or travelling the world cooking professionally? If so we can help turn your fantasy into a reality. Hospitality isn’t just any profession. It’s the world’s fastest-growing industry encompassing travel, hotels, food service, entertainment and etc. Above all, it’s about people and customer oriented mind set is a must to excel in this industry. Hospitality related education offers you dozens of worldwide career paths too. The Malaysian Integrated Business College is the region’s first and largest private baking and culinary school offering inspirational training to ambitious chefs since 1987. This course will take you from basic knife skills through training on every station on the line, preparing the students for the real culinary industry. Alongside with intensive and detailed practical training, students will also learn the science of baking and cooking creating holistic learning environment. MIB College generates industry compatible graduates by integrating practical skills integrated with business and management knowledge. Through holistic education, our graduates are the preferred choice of renowned employers across various industries regardless of departments.
Why need to study theory? Anyone can teach you skills but the foundation must be set correctly. A theoretical framework will enable students to understand the underlying science and improvisations including product faults, troubleshooting, formula construction using available ingredients and etc. Baking and Molecular Gastronomy is an exact science which is unique in many ways.
Who are the lecturers? Students will be learning from our team of highly experienced, industry based and professional chef lecturers. All our lecturers have a minimum of 20 years work experience with Degree in their respective fields. Our Baking Science Instructors have Master in Science as well as Bio-Chemistry / Food Science. 95% of our lecturers are from the food industry as we would like our students to learn from real experience.
What do I get upon completion of this course? We incorporate the highest level, accredited chef qualifications within our courses that are recognised and valued by employers around the world and our graduates have an excellent record of securing positions with the top employers!
  • Diploma in Patisserie, United Kingdom
  • Diploma of Hospitality Management, Australia
  • Certificate in Baking & Culinary

What level is the Diploma in Patisserie (C&G) and Diploma of Hospitality Management, Australia?  The Diploma in Patisserie is at Level 2 of the MQF. The Diploma of Hospitality Management is at Level 5 of the AQF (Australian Qualification Framework).
What is Malaysian Qualification Framework? The Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF) is Malaysia’s declaration about its qualifications and their quality in relation to its education system. MQF is an instrument that develops and classifies qualifications based on a set of criteria that are approved nationally and bench-marked against international best practices, and which clarifies the earned academic levels, learning outcomes of study areas and credit system based on student academic load. These criteria are accepted and used for all qualifications awarded by recognised higher education providers. Hence, MQF integrates with and links all national qualifications.
Is it full time? Do I need to sit for any test? You will study full-time five days a week and you will be assessed through hands-on assignments, basic written tests and other methods. The syllabus encompasses 85 percent of hands-on learning and practical skill.
Career opportunities Our graduates have a proven track record of succeeding in various industries ranging from top dining outlets, hospitality and food production to the manufacturing, vocational education and retail businesses. Some of the most popular positions filled by them upon completion of studies are Junior Chef or Baker, Ingredients Specialist, Supervisory role (Food Production), F&B Executive and etc.
Where will I get to do my intern? Can I do it abroad? Yes, we have students who have done their internship in Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, U.K and etc. We have an open system where students can do their internship in hotels, bakeries, factories or anywhere you wish as long as the learning objective and syllabus is fulfilled. However only students qualified under the Certificate in Baking & Culinary will be able to opt for abroad training and subject to changes.
What language is used in class? The entire programme in conducted in English. This to get the students ready for the industry in a global perspective. However, we have lecturers who can converse in Mandarin, Malay and Tamil who will assist students in grasping concepts. For us, learning should be fun. Let not language be a barrier.

Intakes: January, April and September


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