Diploma in Molecular Gastronomy (Culinary Arts)

Diploma in Molecular Gastronomy (Culinary Arts) (MQA/PA5263)

The objective of this program is to educate and train prospective culinarians with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to be industry compatible in the modern culinary arts field. Students will be able to demonstrate the attributes of a professional chef including determination, dexterousness, timing, and the aptitude to work well with others. Upon successful completion of this degree program, graduates will be able to:

  • Apply logical solutions and maintaining high level of ethics as a chef
  • Applying safety and food hygiene practices
  • Apply and demonstrate sound knowledge and skills in molecular gastronomy
  • Communicate effectively to various audiences
  • Practice continuous development in the Culinary Arts
  • Demonstrate proper usage of modernist kitchen equipment

3 Globally Recognised Certifications

Intensive and Work based learning



Programme Highlights
  • 60% Continuous Practical Assessment And 40% Final Examination
  • 14 Weeks of Paid Industrial Training Experience
  • Conducive and Personalised Lectures
  • Work Based Learning
Learning Outcomes
  • Mise en Place & Kitchen Ergonomics
  • Cooking Techniques & Principles
  • Baking & Cooking Fundamentals
  • Fabrication of Meat, Seafood, and Poultry
  • Plating & Presentation Techniques
  • International Cuisines
  • Garde Manger & Culinary Artistry
  • Recipe and Menu Development
  • Kitchen Safety and Food Hygiene
  • Purchasing & Stock Management
  • Molecular Gastronomy Techniques
  • Business/Management Skills
Core Modules
  1. Essential Cookery
  2. Basic Dry Heat Cooking Methods
  3. Molecular Gastronomy 1
  4. Basic Moist Heat Cooking Methods
  5. Molecular Gastronomy 2
  6. Asian Cuisine
  7. Molecular Gastronomy 3
  8. Bread, Pastries & Cakes
  9. European Cuisine
  10. Molecular Gastronomy 4
Entry requirement
Entry LevelRequirements
SPM / SPMV / O-Level3Cs
CertificatePass Certificate in related field
SKMLEVEL 3 in related field and Pass SPM with at least 1 Credit
Other·         Equivalent qualifications recognised by Malaysian Government
·         APEL by MQA – Minimum Age 20
Financial Aid

We have a dedicated team of advisers on hand to help qualified students identify and apply for sources of financial aid such as PTPTN and EPF. To get started, please contact us.

  1. Diploma in Molecular Gastronomy
  2. Diploma in Culinary Arts, City & Guilds, UK (Optional)*
  3. Diploma of Hospitality Management, Australia (Optional)*

* Terms & conditions apply


January, April and September

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