Dough-ing it right: Bake with Kuali

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Bake with Kuali

Bake with Kuali got off to a good start with 48 excited participants taking part in a half day baking workshop at the Malaysian Institute of Baking (MIB) in Petaling Jaya recently.

This baking workshop series, now in its fifth year, is a collaboration between Kuali. The Star’s food website and MIB. This year, all the classes will focus on bread-making for the first time.

MIB chairman Chef Don Yong started the workshop with a lecture on baking science. He shared valuable tips and technique that only a chef of his calibre could impart. The second part of the workshop was a hands-on baking session where participant made three types of bread with the assistant of their facilitators, who were student pursuing baking-related programmes at MIB. Participants learned how to make sandwich loaf, wholemeal walnut bread and pumpkin bread.dsc_0019

Call centre executive and avid baker Woon Wai Ping said she immediately signed up when she saw the advertisement in The Star. In the past, she tried baking bread but the texture was not good, so she attending this class to learn how to improve her technique. She said she was also eager to learn how to bake healthy gluten-free for her family.

Another participant, Malika Palaniappan, had always wanted to learn how to make bread. She eats wholemeal bread and her child eat sandwich loaf so this was the perfect class for her.

“ I have been looking to buy a bread maker and when I saw the advertisement. It was just perfect timing,”

said Malika who attended with her college-going daughter.

Retired engineer Lau Boon Leong bakes once in a while and loves the aroma of freshly baked bread.

“You can only enjoy this if you bake,”

said Lau, who was attending this workshop for the second time.

Fiancees Nur Hazirah and Marzuki Sultan Kadir Sultan attended the workshop as they were looking for new and fun ways to spend time together. Marzuki convinced his fiancé that this was something good to do together as it fitted in perfectly with their endeavour to try new things. This is their first time baking.

“Since we are getting married next month, I just wanted to see how she is in the kitchen,” joked Marzuki.

They both agreed that they had learnt a lot and would definitely give baking a try. For those who missed this workshop, fret not, as the next bake with Kuali workshop will be held on April 25.

– Originally published in StarMetro. Dated 11.04.2015

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