MIB International Office (MiBiO)

MIB International Office (MiBiO) is a unit representing the Hospitality, Business and Tourism (HBT) Industry globally, established with a sole objective of enhancing the quality of the current and future talent through quality education, training and certification through exclusive qualifications and recognition of prior learning.

International Students

Leaving your home for another country can be both exciting and challenging!!! You’re excited about the possibilities that a new place brings-education, friends, working toward a career. With an international student community from more than 10 countries studying in the Malaysian campus, MIB College offers a truly cosmopolitan learning environment which prepares students well for the global challenges which lie ahead.

International Partners

The MIB College’s International Strategy includes a commitment to establishing and maintaining high quality partnerships with universities and organisations around the world. Our Partnerships Plan strives to promote the growth, transfer and application of knowledge and to translate excellence into major contribution to culture, economic well being & quality of life.