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MIB’s Strategic Vision 2027

Our vision is to make the world a better place.

Since our foundation in 1977, our students and staff have dedicated themselves in the service of society.

Our Strategic Vision, launched in April 2017 takes us to our 50th anniversary in 2027 and builds upon our history of making a full contribution to the society and nation.

We will continue to focus on world-leading education, research and service and will have an increasingly proactive role to play in a more interconnected, complex world.

We will continue to expand the huge contribution MIB’s makes to Selangor and through that a national contribution within Malaysia, and beyond that to an international community that serves the world.

Our students

Focused, Empowered, and Compassionate

MIB students are intellectually motivated and open-minded. They are serious about their academic and career goals. And they are determined to make their debut in the world.

Why Us?

With state of the art facility, affordability, and ground breaking opportunities, committed students have all the resources they need to fulfil their academic and personal potential.

Our Faculty

Leading by Example

Though our faculty are distinguished scholars, practitioners, and experts in many areas they share a common goal. Each one is dedicated to inspiring and empowering our students to become leaders in their chosen field of studies.